Three Steps To and Six Traits of Business Success Part Two – Written

After you have tackled the three steps leading to the six traits of success you are ready to implement.

The first trait of success Richard one of the owners of Cottingham paper co. in Columbus, Ohio acted on was to..

ASK FOR HELP .  Unlike many he decided to not go in a room alone to find the solutions to issues his company faced. He understood that he had already hired the solutions to many of his problems.  And because he asked his employees to help identify issues and provide solutions even though they had no actual stock in his company … they owned it. And within the two years, I was with them they identified over 400 things they could do to make the company better and they actually implemented most of them.

Richard Cottingham asked for help and he got it.

Tom Rechtin, in Belleview Kentucky is one of the most extraordinary people I know. When Tom decided to implement the second trait of success he did it as only he could.

What is the second trait of success?


Often, we hold informal Advisory Board meetings to kick off our programs.

With Tom’s company we held 5 consecutive Tuesday nights meetings lasting about two hours each.

Tom and I met with his temporary board in a Belleview High School gym. It had to be a gym because he had over 100 people there.

Who did Tom invite?

All of the people on his payroll, his employees, were there.

He had many of the people he paid indirectly; accountants, lawyers, PR and advertising people, venders , water, electric and gas utility people. He invited some from the city government.

He asked several of his good customers to participate.

He had a direct business competitor, who as often happens, was a good friend.

And finally, he asked people, who knew nothing about his business but were his friends. They were bright and asked the question not always asked by those of us who know the industry , “But, why do you do it that way?”

What was the result?

Tom said this, “After 45 years in the HVAC industry, I was at a dead end and needed help. We were marking time and you helped us to get back on track. Our people are involved, our managers are managing and we are having fun again, and by the way making money.”

Tom, really used the second “Trait of Success” INVOLVE EVERYONE”

Next post will include, “The Waterwheel”

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