Some guys have all the luck!

Tom was part of our sales group and would say, “I thrive on rejection because every ‘no’ I receive is one step closer to a ‘yes’.

Every time he was told ‘no’ he thanked the person.

 In the early 90’s we would go to a drinking establishment with a dance floor. The bar was on the west end of the room, in the center was the dance floor and on the east side there were several six top tables.

The men would congregate near the bar and the woman would sit at the six tops.

They would stare at the women who would ignore them. If a woman looked back one of the guys would saunter over to her table and ask, “Hey, would you like to dance?” She replied, “No, not really!”. He would stagger back to the bar and drink until close.

When Tom and I would enter the bar, he would throw me a twenty and say, “Get me a mich lite and whatever you want”’

He would go up to the first six top and ask one of the women, “I’m Tom, I’m Irish and a lot of fun would you dance with me?”

She’d say, “No, not really!” and Tom would say to the woman seated next to her “I’m Tom. I’m Irish and a lot of fun would you dance with me?”

As he received each “no, not really” he’d thank them and then go to the next one until he had asked all at table #1.

Then, Tom would move to table # 2 and repeated his sales pitch.

By the time he reached table # 4 he’d get a yes.

After the dance finished, he would walk the lady back to the table, thank her for the dance, kiss her hand and go back to table #1.

He’d say, “Now that you’ve seen the product, would you like to dance?” by the time he got to table # 3 he’d get a “Yes”.

Later in the evening Tom would stand in the center of the dance floor. Raise his arm and say, “Next!”

Tom didn’t miss a dance and he and the ladies who danced with him had a wonderful time.

The guys at the bar would say, “Some guys have all the luck!”

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