“The Clinical Services Department was having difficulties working together as a team. Each nurse was focusing on what their needs were, not the needs of the entire agency. Your introduction to the Reverse Flow Card Process allowed each one of them to take part in being responsible for looking at the needs as a “whole” and not as bits and Pieces.

Again, that you for all your assistance and wonderful ideas! I now have a nursing ‘team.’”

Cindy Foster
Clinical Services Director
Josina Lott Foundation

“ My staff and I want to thank you for your ‘navigating’ us through the Reverse Flow Process. We have been using your technique now for two years. It has been very beneficial in ‘controlling the boss’ by not allowing her (which is me) to ‘take over’ and become dictatorial in her management style. The staff agree that they feel more like ‘developers and planners’ of their departments.”

Patty Schlosser
Human Resource Director
Josina Lott Foundation

“ I thank you for your patience this past year as you guided this medical practice to think and deal in a more businesslike manner. I personally have expanded my knowledge of options in dealing with the day-to-day crisis that occur in managing a small business. I appreciate that your expertise was always available via your 800 number, and that your responses were always prompt.”

Judy Haller
Business Manager
Elk Rapids Family Practice, P. C.

“Don taught us the process of goal setting and prioritizing, and assigning tasks to all that were involved. The first quarter developed some interesting reactions with the staff. Some positive, some negative. Don was amazingly competent at taking those negative responses and turning them into positive actions.

Our profits are up as Don predicted. However, the best thing is we are a very cohesive group, utilizing input for all employees. And, we are much more creative in problem solving with pro-active reactions rather than reactive, as we had been in the past. Don has taught us to use the process in many ways, and it is amazing how well in works in the medical community.”

Jackie Lawrence, R.N.
Elk Rapids Family Practice, P.C.

“Through his teambuilding exercises, real life examples and his excellent selection of recommended reading, out management staff has made great strides in becoming a true ‘team’ that is now able to focus on moving our company forward in a positive direction as well as identify barriers that we may encounter along the way. Again, during this process a system of checks and balances is in place to help keep the momentum moving forward. We have also with his help embraced the ‘coaching’ mantra which helps us keep each other focused on the ideal and projects we have identified as important.”

Stacey Rish, Executive Chef
Swanton Health Care & Retirement Center

“ I have found Mr. Kardux to be a resourceful creative and solution-oriented person with positive in-sight into the business world. Mr. Kardux innovative approach to business has been invaluable to the growth at Swanton Health Care. Mr. Kardux has worked with the management team and has guided this team to change the culture of this organization on numerous levels, such as the hiring of staff, and retention of current staff members. Mr. Kardux has led management driven projects to improve resident care, and increase revenue by teaching management to operate as a coherent management team as opposed to individuals.”

Thomas A. Meyers RN
Director of Nursing Services
Swanton Health Care and Retirement Center

“ I was quickly engaged into Don’s team building exercise through the coaching culture and realized that everyone was held accountable for his or her chosen projects. Also, I learned that the importance of building off one’s talents, not their faults. Even though some of these concepts were a bit foreign to me, I enjoyed the fact that we all make a difference as individuals, and as a team at Swanton Health Care. Our mantra of “Where Our Family Cares for Yours” has taken on a stronger meaning. This is because of Don’s commitment to improving the Company piece by piece.

Don is organized, efficient, competent, and has an excellent rapport with people of all professions. His communication skills are outstanding.”

Janet Kimple, BA, SWA
Social Services/Safety & Wellness Manager
Swanton Health Care & Retirement Center


“Business Navigators has done a great job of keeping us on course over the past fourteen months. Our business has sailed straight into the ports of our choices, instead of being tossed about by the winds. We enjoy being in charge of our destination!

Don Kardux leads our meetings and his easy-going banter puts everyone into a receptive mood. He guides us into self-satisfaction then into self-discovery. We know he knows the answer, and then we learn that we do too!”

Mary Weaver Gouwens
Director of Marketing
CMI Novacast inc.


“ Engaging the service of Business Navigators was very fortuitous and I know that we are a better organization because of your involvement. Thank you also for the support and thoughtfulness you exhibited during this very difficult year. I hope that I will have the opportunity to work with you again in some capacity.”

Ellen G. Jones
Executive Director
Lucas County Children Services

“Initially I was skeptical and somewhat apprehensive about the ‘Reverse Flow’ process; however, the skepticism and apprehension was quickly alleviated when I observed the skill with which you facilitated the groups. Your ease in keeping the various groups on task and within the established time frame was amazing.

I doubt that accomplishments of the group would have been achieved as quickly, without your involvement.”

Gwendolyn Briggs, Director
Human Resources Division
Lucas County Children Services


“Having dealt with Business Navigators for over seven years and having been directly involved, on several occasions, with their method of operation, I believe that if you want your company to become more efficient, to grow successfully, to get more involvement for all of your employees, and, if you are willing to share the decision making process through delegation, then Business Navigators can and will help you achieve these goals. Success is achievable if you are willing to commit to the process and Business Navigators will help you remember the commitment”

Albert E. Cioni
Yeomans Distributing Company

“I’m quite pleased with our progress over the past year. We are seeing more and more people get involved and own cards. The process you use allows them to be vocal and gives them a sense of ownership and accomplishment.

For the next year I want you to get involved with manager training issues and inventory control issues as well as our monthly meetings. Thanks for the great job you do and keep it going.”

Richard S. Cottingham
Cottingham Paper Company


“Business Navigators provides a proven mechanism for getting all your staff actively involved in improving your business. In addition, their practical approach to planning and problem solving cuts through the emotional minefields that can slow progress and communication in most businesses.”

Paul Wadsworth
P.K.Wadsworth Heating and Cooling

“I just want to say what a BENEFIT Business Navigators has been to me since you have been involved with P.K. Wadsworth. Your methods of organizing people and making them realize by using your tools you just can’t do it ALL. There were times that I thought I would just EXPLODE due to my frustration because of my inadequacy with delegation and time management. The tools you provided me made me realize that I was trying to fit 24 hours of work into an 8 hour work day, setting myself up for failure. Since I made the proper changes in my management style, which by the way took a lot of effort and long term planning on my part, I feel more in control of the situation and sleep better at night.

Thanks again for your insight.”

Daniel Benes
Installation Manager
P.K. Wadsworth Heating and Cooling

“It has been 3 years since we first started using your services, and I am pleased beyond any expectations. After 45 years in the HVAC industry, I was at a dead end and needed help. We were marking time and you helped us to get back on track. Our people are involved, our managers are managing and we are having fun again, and by the way making money.

You helped define our strengths and weaknesses and chart a course to get back to being the successful company we are.”

Thomas C. Rechtin
Tom Rechtin Heating, Air Conditioning & Electric Co., Inc.

“Your ability to keep us on track and make success out of an employee suggestion program that had failed three times for us in the past in turning into one of the greatest assets of our organization”

Mark D. Swepston
Atlas Butler Heating – Cooling

“ Business Navigators also has the ability to take my thoughts as a small business owner and get them out to share with the Effective Air, Inc. employees. It is a great help to the entire team to understand the company’s goals and where Kim and I would like it to go and grow in the future

I could go on and on about why I am glad I hired Business Navigators. A quick synopsis is that we now have much happier employees, I sleep better, our customers are happy, and we are growing. It is definitely worth every penny you spend. Don’t hesitate, do it now.”

Jonathan R. Smith
Effective Air, Inc.

“You may think you can’t afford Business Navigators help, but I know through experience you can’t afford not to. Our growth and profitability is due to the solution-based involvement of our employees.

Business Navigators Reverse-Flow process provides a consistent environment to let this happen”

George Pugh
Pugh Heating


“Business Navigators Reverse-Flow process helped our company to successfully manage, involve and enable our employees…the result was that we enjoyed over 40 specific improvements to our company during the first year. Now, two years later we are still using the employee center communication process brought to us by Business Navigators.

I believe that any business interested in improvement through employee involvement should talk to Business Navigators.”

Dr. Katherine Lawrence
Brighton Animal Hospital


“My initial impression was that the meetings were a waste of my time. Business Navigators addressed this problem by assuring that committee members were in attendance and by changing the structure of the meetings to encourage participation. It wasn’t long until many good suggestions were presented creating a lot of discussion resulting in positive solutions.

To date, we have 168 action plans that have been approved and completed.

Without the assistance of Business Navigators, the line of communication referred to above would not exist.”

W.J. Kuepper
Director of Contracts
Frank Millard & Co. Inc.

“ Business Navigators facilitated meetings among managers and employees that have been key to our profitable growth of 500% in the past 7 years.”

Mac Coffin II
Frank Millard & Co., Inc.

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