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Business Navigators earns it’s fee by showing up and facilitating meetings.

We don’t sell our systems or any products. In fact, if you wanted to try to use our systems without our being there we would be glad to send you information on how to proceed.

We offer a free Seven Point Analysis of your business that we can conduct by phone or over the internet.

Our Seven Point Analysis is limited to companies and organizations with nine or more employees.

The seven areas of a business we look at are:

  • Office
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Production
  • Physical Plant
  • Management

We also offer a free Seven Point On-Site analysis.

Don currently travels along I-80 from Toledo to Cleveland and along I -75 from Lexington, KY to Detroit. He makes these trips each month visiting clients in:  Toledo, Cleveland,  Cincinnati and Burlington, KY

If you are within 50 miles on either side of I-80 or I-75 he would be glad to stop by and within 45 minutes take a look at your business and give you at least three great ideas .

Outside of the fifty miles, there would be a cost related to travel. The SPA & SPOSA are always free!

We would be happy to answer any business questions you might have. If we don’t know the answer chances are we know someone who does.

You can start this conversation by filling out the contact form below or by calling us at 419-283-0632 .

Let’s start a conversation!

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