Three steps to and six traits of Business Success Part one -written

Three Steps to and six traits of business success

Part one

I’ve observed that many of the successful entrepreneurs I have worked with have similar behaviors.

First, there seem to be three steps, three realizations which lead to the practice of the six “Traits of Success”.

For many the problem of ‘staying where they are’ is not because they are comfortable. Not that they are living in their ‘Comfort Zone’ but rather, that the low grade pain of business life (unhappy customers, employee issues, lack of fun) is not intense enough to cause them to move to a better way of doing things.

They are living not in their ‘Comfort Zone’ but in their ‘Discomfort Zone’.

This first step is to gather all the low grade pain and compress it into a single pile that acts like a sharp push pin which when quickly inserted into their butt  stimulates them to move away from the pain.

Secondly, it is important to believe that things could be better.

Far too many of us believe, “Well, it isn’t pleasant but, that they way things are- that’s Business.

A common approach with the successful is that they force themselves to look around at other companies and see what is possible.

The third and final step to success is making the commitment to act.

Saying that you will do something ‘tomorrow’ and then never doing ‘anything to change’ is the common element in failure.

The next time I’ll introduce three of the six ‘Traits of Success’.

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