Reports From The Front Lines # 8


Michelangelo was asked, “How can you carve that statue out of that block of marble?”.

Michelangelo replied, “The statue was already in the stone. I merely chipped away the unnecessary parts.”

I just graduated from Connext Nation’s program “Referral Pursuit” facilitated by Debby Peters.

At the graduation ceremony I quoted the Michelangelo story and then continued:

“That was my experience with Debby. Over a period of more than twenty hours face to face and an additional twenty hours of homework I found my paradigms pulverized and the unnecessary rubble of my business message removed.

Now my statue is revealed. I see my clients, my target market and myself clearly. I know what I do best.”

Debby taught me the power of short sequential, additive points. She revealed that you don’t want to “dump” too much information on people who are merely asking polite questions. However, as people continue to show interest you can progressively add to your message.

The following is my seven point sequential message.

1.       I’m Don Kardux, Business Navigators, Helping Business Chart The Course to success.

2.       The best thing I do is to teach owners and their management teams how to listen to their employees.

3.       That’s why I created the “Reverse-Flow” process where groups identify and prioritize strategies.

4.       Strategies, which when implemented, will reduce or eliminate the barriers that stop us from doing the ‘best we can’ or capitalize on opportunities not yet pursued.

5.       Often, the result is; growth, increased profit and the creation of a culture where most of the employees most of the time are really looking forward to coming to work.

6.       I’m looking to partner with HVAC wholesalers willing to introduce me to any of their clients who might benefit from my services.

7.        The advantage for the wholesaler is that my clients often buy more from them and pay them on time.

Debby’s help was critically wonderful. If you want to learn more, please, go to her website.

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