Reports From The Front Lines #2

Reports From The Front Lines #2


The “Open Book Management Meeting” in Detroit was quite eventful. The first meeting, last month, introduced the actual Profit & Loss figures for 2010.  While the general reaction in most groups was great, there was one group, service plumbers, who were quite negative in their view of the situation. Like so many field people, they felt the entire picture could be much better if we eliminated massive portions of the overhead. There was lively discussion that came close to being uncivilized. I, in a moment of whimsy, suggested we eliminate the payroll department.

So, it was with great joy that the second meeting with that group this week was positive and civilized.

I have been introducing the Open Book Management approach for over fifteen years. The immediate reaction of many groups is like those of the service plumbers. But, in the intervening weeks between meetings they started thinking about football.

You see, among the greatest statisticians in the world are blue collar workers. It is obvious when you look at their high degree of interest in sports and the statistics of those sports.

The Profit and Loss statement and the Balance Sheet are methods of keeping score. The reasons for great success on the field of play are varied and many.

The Great Game of Business, as envisioned by Jack Stack, really works to help all members of a business team work together for the common good.

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