Reports From The Front Lines #1

Reports From the Front Lines #1
I’m off to Cincinnati. An old friend and Business Navigator graduated client is receiving a National award next month and has asked me to participate in video which will be shown at the presentation. .He’s one of three to be recognized. Pretty cool! I think he expects me to say something nice about him and I will. I’ll share more when it is appropriate.
My trip to Cincinnati was to cross the river to Belleview, KY where a video was being shot to honor Tom Rechtin Sr. of The Tom Rechtin Co. Tom will receive in April a “Lifetime Achievement Award” from Carrier Corporation. Tom is one of three Carrier dealers to achieve this award in 2011.
Tom is an old friend and a Business Navigator client graduate. We worked together from 1991 through 2009. He is truly the “Dean Kentucky HVAC dealers”, past mayor of Belleview and a grand guy.
It was my pleasure to tell the truth, on video, about Tom.
I’m sure they will edit my comments. You know what I am like when you aim a video camera in my direction.
I had two great experiences this week.
The general manager at our Pittsburgh client responded to a Reverse-Flow request with one of the best I have seen in 21 years. The Reverse-Flow card owner presented a three page analysis of the company’s peer evaluation process and Bob, the general manager, replied in detail to each of the nine points. While he didn’t agree totally with employee he identified some things he will consider to change. This level of respect for the employee’s ideas goes straight to increased moral and interest in participation of positive change.
The second great experience happened in Cincinnati where a seasoned installer, who opposed the Reverse-Flow process and resisted in participating, decided to change his position. Ralph, after ten months, is now leading a team of installers who will redefine install job descriptions and create detailed processes for the installation of new equipment. Some people can change.

This week will be Detroit and our second “Open Book Management” meeting.

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