I’ve read a lot of books.

 Some with interesting methods for improvement in business or self.

When I find a book that you should read, I’ll share.

Here is one.


The Question Behind The Question

John G. Miller

So, I’m driving back from Cleveland and listening to John G. Miller reading his book to me.

In less than an hour and a half he refreshed my memory. The Question behind the Question is a format for personal and group success.

It was March of 2010, and I was working with a Heating and Cooling Company in Charlottesville, Virginia. We spend over three years together before ’Albemarle Heating and Air’ graduated from Business Navigators programs.

We used QBQ as a training method to teach what John refers to as ‘Personal Accountability’.

John Miller believes in changing the questions we ask from negative (Why do we have to go through all this change? Or who dropped the ball?) To more solution based ‘I’ questions (What can I do to contribute? Or how can I help solve the problem’.

In fact, out of the four W’s and the H questions he believes that the victim mentality asks Why, Who, When with the focus on the famous “them and they’.

But those who live in a world of Personal Accountability ask only ‘what and How questions’ that contain the word ‘I’ and an action verb.

He relates wonderful and appropriate stories to illustrate his points. Like the worker at a restaurant who sent his manager to the grocery store to get a bottle of Pepsi because John didn’t like Coke and they served only Coke.

It’s worth the read. And, more importantly, it’s worth living a life of ‘Personal Accountability.

The chapters are very short and pithy.

Here is one of my favorite ‘Take-A-Ways’.

“A leader doesn’t solve problems he gives them.”

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