The Ask Part #6

People start a business every day, and they are good at providing the product or service. They have some success and hire someone to help them. After a while they look around and see they have hired ten to twelve people and then they realize never went to school to learn about business.

Now they must hire and deal with other people who:

  • Answer the phone.
  • Deal with customer complaints.
  • Do the marketing.
  • Go out on sales calls and represent the company.
  • Collect money, pay bills, and provide the financial reports.
  • Schedule and do the work.
  • Manage the work force.

They are not sure how to handle all these areas and are not even sure how to measure to determine what is a good result.

I’m asking for your assistance to find groups and companies like this that Business Navigators can help.

Next Wednesday we’ll continue our focus on more of the characteristics of a Business Navigators client.


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