Sharing # 2 Part Two – Sharing among employees, The Coaching Culture

Sharing # 2 part two

Sharing among employees, the Coaching Culture.

The Second video I love follows the “Fish” video by a few years. While “Fish” focused on four cultural behaviors this second video explores how this culture stays alive.

The name of this video “Fish Sticks”

There are three techniques used to keep their unique cultural vision alive.

COMMIT- It’s about making the decision to be a part of the team and support the company’s philosophy.

BE IT – It’s about defining the personal way you will embrace the company’s philosophy and make it a way you behave.

COACH IT – It’s about accepting the obligation to help other employees and management when they are acting outside of the company’s philosophy. It’s also about accepting the input of others when they offer suggestion for change.

Some methods used to promote employee to employee sharing are:

  • Company Newsletters – Once you commit you must keep publishing.

  • Internal Training – Use experts from within the company to share what they know.

  • Cross Training – It’s good for a service tech to sit in dispatch

  • Social events –  Bowling teams, picnics, and the like, are wholesome opportunities to break some of the barriers which exist in most organizations

  • Bulletin boards – Monitored information provided by employees who can include personal things, pictures and sale items.

When a company creates a positive culture and adds structured opportunities for sharing among employees it fosters deserved loyalty and the desire to ask others to join in this great experience at work.

Next: Sharing between management and employees.

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