Reverse Flow meetings – the Benefits

  • Enhances communication by providing employees with a safe environment where they can be heard, openly and honestly. Having and supporting such an environment is essential for management to identify organizational problems and build trust with their employees

  • Involves employees in creating improvements. Employees have the right to ask for change and to participate in creating improvements. Employees begin to learn how to operate and manage the business. Consequently, their attitude toward management improves, along with a change in how they perceive their own role in the success of the company.

  • Identifies barriers to performance. Management needs this information from the employees before problems become serious. Especially before they hear it from the customer.

  • Provides the mechanism to remove those barriers to performance. Management and employees work as a team to implement solutions instead of working in an “Us vs. Them” environment.

  • Provides better solutions to solve real problems. Management is often unaware about issues that affect the workplace, employees, and even customers.

Too often incorrect information is the basis for management’s decisions.

Every day, the employees use the systems defined by management. This gives employees a truer picture of the problems. Consequently, they are ideally suited to develop solutions that lead to improvements

During monthly meetings, team members offer ideas and identify issues or barriers to performance. Typically many ideas and issues surface and the monthly format insures accountability and new insights.

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