Leaders Open Doors

“I’ve probably read over two hundred management and leadership books in the past thirty years.

Too many were overblown and overly complex. Or as Bill Treasurer, (who is – a real Treasure) says, “The complexification of leadership.”‘

By the way, don’t look for the correct spelling. I think Bill coined the word.

So when Bill stated in the book’s preface, “I resign from the legion of Leadership Complexifiers,” I was encouraged.


He did not disappoint. 

This book, ‘Leaders Open Doors’ has a clearly stated premise with two parts, nine chapters, a conclusion and all within a relatively short one hundred and ten pages.

On the last page of the preface Bill writes, “The approach to leadership described in this book is based on the simple and well-tested idea that leaders help people and organizations grow when they focus on creating opportunities for others. But just because the idea is simple doesn’t mean it is easy. Open-door leadership takes work. So let’s get started. How do you start opening doors for people, and what’s in it for you if you do?”

In the preface he outlines each chapter with a matrix which includes three columns. Chapter/ You’ll Learn / Key takeaways.

What a wonderful contribution to clarity

For example:

  •  Chapter 3- Purposeful Discomfort
  • Why is making people uncomfortable – in a way they can absorb- is every leader’s primary job
  • Create discomfort for both yourself and others to inspire them to grow.

I particularly liked ‘Ways to increase accountability’ pg. 84, chapter 9, The Door to Personal Transformation.

As with many good leadership books, Open-door Leadership is chock full of wonderful examples of people and situations which clearly illustrate the point in focus.

It’s worth the read and I’d like to thank my client and good friend Roy Hauser for literally putting this book in my hands.


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