I’ve read a lot of books.

 Some with interesting methods for improvement in business or self.

When I find a book that you should read, I’ll share.

Here is one.

Lead or Be Led

Bill Munn

Bill Munn is a graduate of OI’s corporate world. He rose through the ranks from Sales Rep in 1971 to VP Division General Manager with five steps in between.

In 1990 he left OI and started his consulting practice where his web site explains his focus. “Bill Munn helps executives manage teams to their greatest potential, customizing coaching plans to maximize the performance of each individual.”

His personal success provides the background of his nineteen years of experience with OI which resulted in the publication of “Lead or Be Led.”

It’s a gem of a read and only 86 pages in length.

While the book is relatively short (Twenty –Eight chapters) it is packed with insight and practical action steps. The action steps (he calls them –Implementation Tools) are deceptively simple and therefore encouraging for the reader to use.

Bill didn’t write the following words. I don’t know who penned them but they represent his view. “In order to do things on purpose, you must have a purpose.”

Two of the chapters really echo Marcus Buckingham’s Strength Based Management Approach and therefore resonate with me. The chapters are:

11.    Find your power alley

12.    What about weakness?

The book is worth the read and if you want more you can go to his website and click on his blog.


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