I’ve been doing book reviews

I’ve been doing book reviews for the Connextnation group for over two years.

I’m going to start posting these as a continuation of my “Random Thoughts”

I’m lucky because many of my clients know I like to read ‘stuff’ and so many of them act as my librarians.

Domnick Guarino, founder of the Cleveland based, National Comfort Institute, is one of the best. He must read two books a week.

Last month he asked if I had read Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership. He was the second person who recommended that book and so it fit my two reference rule.

This is one of the best I have read in years.

Dave is famous for his financial advice but in this book he tells his own story of successes and failures.

The lessons he learned over the past 20 years are worth our looking at.

He was in real estate in the beginning and built it to four million dollars in property value and over one million dollars in net worth and then he lost everything.

He started again at a card table teaching people how to handle their money and now is estimated to be worth over fifty five million dollars.

The fifteen chapters in this book are not necessarily sequential so you can pick and choose chapters that appeal.

My favorites:

  • Chapter 15 ‘ Mastering “the Rope”
  • Chapter 8 ‘Death of a Salesman’
  • Chapter 3 ‘Flavor Your Day with Steak Sauce’
  • Chapter 10 ‘The Map to the Party’

Don Kardux

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