How to Counter Non – Compliance Part Two.

Step Two. Use an informal setting as you did in step one.

 First remind them that this is the second time you are addressing this issue and there has not been much change in behavior.

 Then repeat Step One i.e., you identify the behavior that you want to change and explain why it is important. You get them to agree to change.

Then you go back to your office and write down what happened and put it in their file.

Step Three. This is a formal meeting.

 Early in the morning you ask them to come to your office later that day. For example, at 8:00 a.m. you may ask them to stop by at 4:00 p.m.

This will give them the opportunity to reflect on the meeting.

 At the meeting you will repeat exactly what you did in step two however, with this change, all of your comments are also in a letter which summarizes the first two meetings.

You read the letter to them.

Then ask them for comments and get them to agree to attempt to change their behavior. They sign their name to indicate they received a copy and that they understand what has been written.

 After they leave you write down what happened and put that in their file with the copy of the letter they have signed.

Step Four. Repeat Step Three with the addition of reminding them the next time you meet on this issue there will be an exit interview.

Step Five. Termination and exit interview.

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