How to Counter Non – Compliance Part One.

“I like the five-step to behavior modification. This method is aimed at helping the employee to stay with the company and is not attempt only to get rid of ‘the bad ones.”

However, the old expression is valid. First try to ‘change the employee and if you can’t do that then you need to ‘change the employee’.

It is best that the entire company is aware (in writing) of the five-step process for behavior modification and that this is an attempt in helping the employee to stay with the company.

Here are the first two steps.

Step One. Have an Informal meeting with the employee.

Make sure that only the two of you are present at the water cooler or coffee pot or in the hallway. Let them know that this is the first of what could be five meetings regarding this issue.

You identify the behavior that you want to change and explain why it is important. You get them to agree to change. Then you go back to your office and write down what happened and put it in their file.

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