Don’s “Share” Marketing Experiment

Don’s “Share” Marketing Experiment

Next Tuesday, April 30th at 5:30 A M I’m going to kick off an internet marketing experiment and I would like you to participate.

I’m focusing on getting clients for Business Navigators

So I’m asking my Linked In referral partners and my facebook friends to “Share” that 5:30 post.

It would also help me track results if you would “like” and “Friend” our Business Navigators Facebook business page because if you ‘share’ from that location “insights” can do a great job of tracking including organic and viral numbers.

Currently 35 people have agreed to participate. Most are members of a BNI (Business Network International) referral group I meet with every Tuesday over lunch.  They have agreed to “Share” the 5:30 post and if they do over 30,000 people will have the opportunity to learn more about my company.

That post will also link to a YouTube video and so I will be able to track the marketing funnel from:

  1. Potential ‘reach’ to those who:
  2. Actually looked at the post on the BN facebook page to those who:
  3. Actually read the blog on the Business Navigator web site (which has all of the goggle analytic’s tracking information) to those who:
  4. Clicked on the YouTube link and watched the video (of course YouTube has an “insights” tracking feature) to those who:
  5. Actually contact me for information on ‘how I could help them’.

If you agree to participate (and give me your email address) then within three weeks you will have access to the results of this experiment.

Want to participate then just click on the facebook or linked in ‘comments’ and say ‘count me in Don’. My email address is and you could contact me there for your private email address.

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