A “Strength’s” Based Retreat

A “Strength’s” Based Retreat.

Some years ago in the mountains above Scottsdale, Arizona Air Conditioning By Jay held a three day retreat designed and implemented by Business Navigators.

All 40+ members of the ACBYJ team were invited by President Bryce Johnson to attend. All they had to do was to prove they had read Marcus Buckingham’s book, Now, Discover Your Strengths.

The first day was spent in reviewing all 34 strengths for each of the participants.

The second day was spent in a communication field exercise intended to take advantage of their strengths. Teams were created with the members composed of a good mix of different strength’s.

The exercise had two parts.

  1. HIDE– Each of the six teams was given a stuffed Hedgehog to hide more than ten minutes walk away from the meeting cabin. They created written directions (a treasure map) which showed how to find their hedgehog.
  2. SEEK– The teams exchanged the treasure maps and then went out into the Mountains to “Find the Hog”.

The first team to place their Hedgehog on a table near the cabin won the prize.

The day ended around a campfire lit by the individual torches which were ignited first by Bryce’s torch.

This video is a visual summary of the retreat.


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