“Shared” marketing experiment results

I wondered what would be the result if, an organized group of my Face book Friends and my Linked In Contacts “shared” with their Friends and Contacts one of my blogs.

So I invited 45 friends and contacts to participate and on April 30, 2013, 29 people participated.

The potential ‘Reach’ was 12,844 shares.

My Business Navigator Facebook page increased from a weekly average of 1 to 10 hits to 1,747 hits.

On that same page those who had the opportunity to view the blog post went from an average of 60 to 1,426.

Business Navigators web site has a monthly average of 50 hits and in this time frame 163 unique visits to the web site were recorded.

The featured post, “Business Navigators is a Powerful Force for Positive Change” had 94 views 77 were unique.

The post invited viewers to follow the YouTube link to a video with client testimonials and over 20 people did so.

The video ended with the opportunity to contact Business Navigators and nobody has done so, yet.

I am preparing a more detailed analysis of this experiment including some tentative conclusions.

If you would like a copy of the analysis you can request it by emailing me Don@busnav.com

Somewhere around the end of June I will invite Friends, Contacts and anybody who would like to participate in the second “Shared” experiment and will post the results by the end of July.

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