What do we do?

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What do we do?

To use a ‘Mixed metaphor’

I teach people to fish so they can graduate from Business Navigators help and swim off on their own.

In this case, “fishing” is the activity of ‘getting things done’ and there are two parts.

First, you have to decide what to do to ‘make things better’.

Secondly, you have to do it.

The rub is in the doing.frogs

Three frogs…
Lily pad…
One decides to jump…
How many left?…
Three frogs!

Deciding you want to do something is not doing it.

Deciding is relatively easy.

There are people in bars and ponds the world over talking about what they will do…someday.

What does the Business Navigator help do?

Two things:

  1. Planning
  2. Implementation

And it works

Our clients have:

  • Increased profits
  • Got all staff actively involved
  • Increased delegation
  • Used Open Book Management techniques
  • Improved inventory control
  • Created enhanced accountability
  • Made their management teams true teams that work together
  • Shared the decision making process
  • Achieved positive cultural change
  • Established a true Coaching Culture
  • Increased sales
  • Streamlined overhead
  • Interactive goal setting

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