What are the results?

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What are the results?

Things get better

I’ve seen….

  • Management teams that work together
  • Employees that care about the business
  • Less stress for everyone
  • More profit
  • Owners that finally have control
  • Positive Cultural change
  • A true Coaching Culture
  • Increased delegation
  • Open Book Management techniques
  • Enhanced accountability
  • Management teams that really work together
  • Shared decision making process’s
  • All staff actively involved
  • Improved inventory control
  • Increased sales closure rates
  • Interactive goal setting

We divide company functions into seven general areas. Our client’s successful implementation rate breaks the 80/20 rule by 300 %.

Nine, representative, clients identified 1,749 issues they believed when addressed would have a positive impact on their company. Associates agreed to work on 1,401 or 80%. The final result was successful implementation of 1,081 or 62% of identified issues.

20% of 1,749 would be 350 issues resolved and would be the expectation under the 80/20 rule.

Below are eight areas of company functions with samples of some of the issues resolved and implemented. There are 85 samples.  The reason there are 8 instead of 7 company functions is that I separated inventory out as a sub division of accounting.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.


Raise bar for admin. Better support

Office training

Updating customer information

Track and reduce customer complaints

Better internal customer support

Maps and map grids on all trucks

Signing in and out of office at the beginning and end of the day so everyone knows who is in

Paperless through technology

Cut office supply costs

Better use of time in office

Computerize more functions in office

Create new filing system for credit card authorization forms


Control reduce accts receivable

Enter invoices in a timely manner

Techs to help revise service invoice

Add customer surveys to invoices

Payment schedule for monthly bills

More efficient billing system

Tracking: service warrantee paid & uppaid, call backs etc.

Review system for tracking refrigerant

Daily reporting labor & yields


Double calls cause by parts missing

Keep stockroom stocked

Venders tell us they have part…not!

Better organized inventory

Review new inventory procedures

Stop forgetting to order parts

Better organized inventory

Digital cameras for all

Clarify returning parts system

Restock basic parts


Happy call to each and every customer

Ask “How did you get our Name?”


Low cost marketing

Customer appreciation, cookies, cards

Send a thank you card

How can we sell maintenance agreements

Incentives to customers for leads


Proactive Marketing


Consistent sales meetings role play

Educate customers more

System to administer leads

Improve sales report by customer

Disclaimer on contracts to protect against insane designers

Supplier line cards

Summer on site sales

Better trained replacement sales people

Check list for sales opportunity

Ask for the business


Delivery time for drivers

Cut off time for receiving orders

Reduce Waste

Pick up job material when in shop

Pre job meeting with Bidder and installer

Standard punch list for return crew

Unified approach to all jobs

Communication with foreman

Set up formal meeting times with lead men to review    binders

Mobile office


Lowering equipment downtime

Tow motors locked up after use

Employee break rooms improvements

More electric circuits up front

Less damage to machines

Hand trucks ladder on all trucks

Cork board for jess’s office

More ladders

Bigger meeting room

Fix paging system

Keep shop clean and organized

G.P.S. on trucks


We need more field employees

Better communication field/purchasing

Include more people in weekly budget review

Find out facts before getting angry

Continued education for all departments

On time reviews

Open book management-with budget projections

Management to jobsite more often

Internal customer appreciation

New employee packet for all dept

Becoming a better team – coaching


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